sally rees (twosmallrabbits) wrote,
sally rees

i heart kate bush

Always have, always will. She, along with Blondie were the first formings of my musical taste beyond Bucks Fizz, the Smurfs and Londons Burning played on a plastic recorder. Simultanueously, I understand perfectly why she gives so many other people the niff; the shrieking and the googly eyes being but two of the things I'm sure put people off.

But I love everything about her and these days can even see how a little of her has snuck into my photos and videos. I'm also quite good at both shrieking and making googly eyes.

So I was thrilled this morning to find that the fellow at FourFour had created this awesome tribute in an overload of animated gifs, a mere few of which appear above. Clicky, clicky and make a cup of tea while it loads. It's worth it.

Don't be so distracted by the action however, that you miss that it's also a lovely, thoughtful bit of blog writing about what we-that-love-her truly love about her.

...she was made for me. No other entertainer I've invested myself in has ever struck the balance between awe-inspiring technical proficiency and utter nonsense so well. She has the paradoxical effect of a retarded genius..

My thoughts precisely.

My favourite album is The Dreaming. What's yours?
Tags: awesome people, vibes

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