sally rees (twosmallrabbits) wrote,
sally rees

Tweet me. I am a Twit.

Time to own up. I have become a furious Twitter-er. Come follow me if you wish. I go by the incredibly clever and deceptive code-name of sallyr.

Eddie Izzard (@eddieizzard)suggested mounting a campaign against the current Twitter terminology (followers, following, follow me etc) and I agree it all sounds a bit Jonestown and that there are a poultice of other terms that could be adopted instead. I hope he is successful although I suspect he is too busy being all lovely and doing some acting and swiping on the odd bit of lippy n' that to seriously get the changes made.

Twit is my own term for the users. It's probably not going to take off... I can see that...

Anyway - I must own up because I just realised I have swiped two of my last three blog posts from URLs tweeted by people I follow. Thank you Susannah Breslin, The Reverse Cowgirl (@reversecowpie) for Terry Richardsons camera and Jonathan Ross (@Wossy) for the hedgehog.

I had worked out the manners of re-blogging and even re-tweeting but tweet>blog I'm still working on. Bear with me...

I also feel the need to own up to the fact that I just realised a couple of days ago that my list of those I follow (apart from a few mates) consists nearly entirely of British wits with a couple of American sex writers thrown in for good measure.

My every morning is made better by an inspirational tweet from David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) and something that reaffirms my undying devotion to the glowing goodness of Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) but mostly it's stalking an entire range of comedians who I adore and admire.

Fellow Twits, I love hearing what you had for breakfast. I love you all. Come join us.

P.S. M just suggested that the past tense of 'tweet' must be 'twat'! Ha!
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