Listen Livejournal, we need to talk...

Hey Livejournal, we've sure had some great times. I can't thank you enough for hosting my blog here since 2006 but it's time I told you - I'm seeing another blog host and I've moved all my stuff over there.

No, no it's not Blogger, it's Wordpress.

We've moved in different directions Livejournal, you're so great at the community thing but y'know I've never been much of a joiner. Wordpress has an interface I prefer, gives me statistics and most importantly, doesn't plaster my blog in advertising for non-members. Advertising for which I get nada.

I know this will be difficult for you, it's been hard for me too but we've just grown in different directions.

When you're ready to talk again you can look me up at my new adress http://sallyhasblog.wordpress.com

You'll always be my first...


our house is the easter house

I got a Terry's Chocolate Orange which goes magnificently with my morning coffee. Health care routine be damned (yet to write about that but I'll catch up).

Working very hard on something but soon all will be revealed.

Enjoy your loved ones, your holiday and your chocs.
Love from my house.

p.s. excuse clicky vid sound. Shot on my still camera and test driving Facebooks video application. I love how impressed Matt is with Gino's 'prancing'.

..with a truck full of splinters no less.

Anna Russell of Incoherent Ramblings has a five point plan to save the economy (I am unsure if her vision is global or simply for the US. I think it could work either way.).

1. Legalise street drugs (protect the users and tax heavily)

2. Legalise prostitution (protect the users and tax heavily)

3. Let's all be Swiss (and save money on defence)

4. Stop legal loan sharking (no more credit cards handed out to those who can't afford them)

5. Stop being greedy
Our consumer society has become a disease that feeds on the worst traits of human nature. The elite rich won't let things change because they're terrified they'll have to cut back from 3 private jets to 1. Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them with a truck full of splinters.

Atta girl.

If you doubt the sense, do not doubt the passion of her very convincing post which you can read for yourself HERE.

i heart kate bush

Always have, always will. She, along with Blondie were the first formings of my musical taste beyond Bucks Fizz, the Smurfs and Londons Burning played on a plastic recorder. Simultanueously, I understand perfectly why she gives so many other people the niff; the shrieking and the googly eyes being but two of the things I'm sure put people off.

But I love everything about her and these days can even see how a little of her has snuck into my photos and videos. I'm also quite good at both shrieking and making googly eyes.

So I was thrilled this morning to find that the fellow at FourFour had created this awesome tribute in an overload of animated gifs, a mere few of which appear above. Clicky, clicky and make a cup of tea while it loads. It's worth it.

Don't be so distracted by the action however, that you miss that it's also a lovely, thoughtful bit of blog writing about what we-that-love-her truly love about her.

...she was made for me. No other entertainer I've invested myself in has ever struck the balance between awe-inspiring technical proficiency and utter nonsense so well. She has the paradoxical effect of a retarded genius..

My thoughts precisely.

My favourite album is The Dreaming. What's yours?

If I had money to buy art...

...and not the conscience that tells me I should be spending my money on Tasmanian art, this month I'd buy:

This signed Mark Ryden print. Fur Girl is being sold through has been released by Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle (being sold in Australia through Outre Gallery based in both Melbourne and Sydney). I often like to think I've moved beyond Mark Ryden but it's not true, I still get seduced by the pretty, pretty paintings. Especially simpler images like this.

I would also buy myself Emily Valentine's Pair of Pugcocks:

or maybe her Cockiborzoi:


I've always been drawn to both images of fur-people and creative mash-up taxidermy.

I sometimes worry that I am too seduced by hipster culture... the sub-culture not the pants. I have never been seduced by hipster pants. Well maybe once... *shudder*...

Tweet me. I am a Twit.

Time to own up. I have become a furious Twitter-er. Come follow me if you wish. I go by the incredibly clever and deceptive code-name of sallyr.

Eddie Izzard (@eddieizzard)suggested mounting a campaign against the current Twitter terminology (followers, following, follow me etc) and I agree it all sounds a bit Jonestown and that there are a poultice of other terms that could be adopted instead. I hope he is successful although I suspect he is too busy being all lovely and doing some acting and swiping on the odd bit of lippy n' that to seriously get the changes made.

Twit is my own term for the users. It's probably not going to take off... I can see that...

Anyway - I must own up because I just realised I have swiped two of my last three blog posts from URLs tweeted by people I follow. Thank you Susannah Breslin, The Reverse Cowgirl (@reversecowpie) for Terry Richardsons camera and Jonathan Ross (@Wossy) for the hedgehog.

I had worked out the manners of re-blogging and even re-tweeting but tweet>blog I'm still working on. Bear with me...

I also feel the need to own up to the fact that I just realised a couple of days ago that my list of those I follow (apart from a few mates) consists nearly entirely of British wits with a couple of American sex writers thrown in for good measure.

My every morning is made better by an inspirational tweet from David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) and something that reaffirms my undying devotion to the glowing goodness of Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) but mostly it's stalking an entire range of comedians who I adore and admire.

Fellow Twits, I love hearing what you had for breakfast. I love you all. Come join us.

P.S. M just suggested that the past tense of 'tweet' must be 'twat'! Ha!

Recommended reading

Since we started our literary/penpal exercise nearly four months ago I have had the pleasure of regularly receiving some really thoughtful and beautiful writing.

My penpal has now started a blog of her own, PUBLIC OFFICE.

She is a romantic, flannelette superhero, incensed by injustice and fighting for the side of good, not evil.

I recommend you drop in and visit and absorb some of the good stuff I have been lucky enough to have just dropping into my inbox every other day.